Grade 7 Italian – Geography Unit

23 01 2014
photo 1 (2)

7A Italian student points to Italy which has the shape of “uno stivale” (a boot)


Grade seven Italian students have recently completed a unit on the geography of Italy. Using wall maps, handouts and a map of Italy in their text books as references, students have labeled in Italian their own maps. They completed a regional map naming the twenty regions of Italy and their capital cities.

photo 2 (3)

A 7C Italian student shows the location of the Apennines, a mountain range nicknamed “la spina d’Italia” (the spine of Italy)


Next, students labeled a map of Italy with the names of bordering countries and seas, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, islands, cities and two republics.

photo 4 (2)

7A Italian student is holding her map of the regions of Italy and their capitals

As a culminating activity, students labeled a world map in order to better appreciate the fact that, despite the small size of the country, Italy has made a big impact on world culture.

photo 3 (2)

7A Italian student indicates the location of Sicilia (Sicily), the largest region of Italy

photo 5 (1)

7A Italian student displays his map of Italy with labels for the bordering countries and seas and other geographical features

photo (32)

7C student is holding her world map with continents, oceans and three countries labeled in Italian






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