BHS Music Presents to 8th Graders

30 01 2014
photo (36)

Concert Band (Also known as the Marching Band during the summer and fall months)

Today, 8th graders had a special morning treat as they watched an excellent mini-performance by the BHS Music Department. The show included performances by the Concert Band, Select Chorus, Color Guard, Drum Line, and Jazz Band.

photo (39)

Select Chorus

Director of Performing Arts in Burlington, John Middleton, Chorus Director, Jonathan Granger  and Band Director, Matt Lovel spoke to the 8th graders about the wonderful opportunities BHS Music has to offer.

photo (40)

Color Guard


It was a timely presentation as the 8th graders are in the process of signing up for next year’s courses. Mr. Granger stressed to the audience a student’s ability to explore music even if they haven’t in the past. He also emphasized the flexible nature of music opportunities as well as others at BHS. The School believes that students should explore all of their talents and interests and it is possible to create a schedule that accomodates that variety.

photo (41)

Bass, guitar and drum players for the Jazz Group





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