7C Math – Geometry in Architecture

7 04 2014
The Geometry in Architecture project assigned to the students of 7C was made to help students see geometry in real life buildings, work on finding surface area and volume, and to get them to practice fundamental skills, such as measuring, cutting, and calculating equations on a calculator.
The students were told to use recycled materials to help the environment, and used the materials to form a three-dimensional building. After creating the building, the kids had to find the surface area and volume of each individual shape, write a paragraph summarizing the process and purpose, and list the measurements in a neat, appealing way.
The projects helped the students work on calculations, organization, measuring, and appealing presentation. Not only did the project work on math skills for the current unit, but it helped with proficiency in subjects that could be used elsewhere and later in life. The Geometry in Architecture project was one that helped with ability in many areas.
By: Michael Winters (7C Student)



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