8C Math – Business Project

5 05 2014
photo (52)
Students worked in groups to “open” a business, write a business plan, and create revenues, costs, and profits equations and graphs.  Each student was responsible for at least one paragraph of the business plan (name of business, type of business, location, target market, and competition).  Each student was also  responsible  for  creating  one algebra  graph  (revenues,  costs,  profits, or  composite)  and a paragraph explaining the algebra graph.
photo (51)
Algebraic equations were used to created each graph, so students were able to apply what they have learned about slope as well as direct variation to a real life business situation. Also, students recently completed the Ordered Pairs Design Project. Students created a design along with a list of all ordered pairs required to make the design on the coordinate plane. 
photo (49)
photo (50)



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