P.E. Leader Awards

15 05 2014

The MSMS Physical Education Department recently awarded selected students with “P.E. Leaders” awards and t-shirts. The “P.E. Leaders” were chosen because they met and exceeded the following criteria every class:

1 Being prepared for class.
2 Consistent effort in participation.
3. Respect all classmates and teachers.
4. Willing to help classmates.
5. Positive attitude.
Grade 8 P.E. Leaders

Grade 8 P.E. Leaders

photo (55)

Grade 7 P.E. Leaders

photo (54)

Grade 6 P.E. Leaders

2014  P.E. LEADERS


John Loiselle, Mikaila Gnerre, Kenan Wilson and Nicole Benjamin


James Brown, Bridget Conceison, Mike Alicandro and Joicee Gordillo


Dale Sweeney, Abigail Fennell, Seamus Bell and Leah Twohig



Ryan Giogas, Morgan Powers, Dylan Moroney and Julia Hovasse


Zack Hogan, Halleluia Zeyohannes, Seth Hackett and Sophie Mitchell


Gavin Pigott, Samantha Cobuzzi-Luecke, Scott Fraser, Alison Martin



Joel Hagan, Erin Browne, Mark Czerwinski and Rita Orchanian


Michael Pye, Jeenal Patel, Daniel Grattan and Melissa Costello


Bailey Towle, Julia Feist, Jack Hirsch and Michelle Pothier




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15 05 2014
Congrats to BEAMers as Phys. Ed. Peer Leaders | Mrs. Rogers' BEAM Blog

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