MSMS Staff is Ready to Go Back to Work!

2 09 2014
Marshall Simonds Middle School Staff is ready to go back to class!

Marshall Simonds’ Teachers and Staff are ready to go back to School!

After a relaxing summer, MSMS’s teaching staff has returned to work and they are getting ready to welcome back students on September 2nd! Over the course of the past week, teachers have been meeting with their teams, coordinating with colleagues and specialists, and partaking in various professional development courses to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of the new year. The classrooms are ready, the iPads are synced, and the staff of Marshall Simonds Middle School are eager and excited to welcome students of the 2014-2015 school year!

Team 6A: Mrs. Shea, Mr. Leslie, Mrs. Tate, Mr. Conley

Team 6A: (left to right)Gail Brosnan, Kerry Shea, Marty Conley, Brian Leslie, and Jennifer Tate.


Team 6C: (from left to right) Kristin MacCurtain, Tricia Sullivan, Karen Richardson, and Naomi Ellis.


Team 7C: (from left to right) Julie Donovan, Tammy Scelsi, Katie Kalra, Ellen Miley, Christine Evans


Team 8B: (from left to right) Jourdan Marino, Theresa Bergeron ,Deanna DiSipio, and David Peterson


Team 7B: (from left to right) Frank Vitale, Melissa Cerretani, Ashely D’Archangelo, and Christopher Kingston.


Team 7A: (from left to right) Stephanie Pratt, Alice Kramer, Jaime Kotarakos, Janice Forrest, and Mary O’Connell.


Team 6B: (from left to right) Barbara Sturtevant, Carolyn Crowley, Laurie Hewitt, and Maria Rafferty.


Team 8A: (from left to right) David Pearl, Neeti Bharatan, Cheryl Mantia, and Virginia Volpe.


Team 8C: (from left to right) Standing: Fred Hickman Greg Nelson, and Mary Sampson. Sitting: Jay Chittoor, Sue Wilkes, and Ceil Bova.




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