Marshall Simonds Welcomes Back New and Returning Students

3 09 2014


MSMS's new 6th graders scramble to test their new locker combinations.

MSMS’s new 6th graders scramble to test their new locker combinations.

On Tuesday morning, Marshall Simonds Middle School welcomed new and returning students after spending the summer preparing for the 2014-2015 school year. Sixth graders spent much of the first day getting acclimated to their new learning environments, touring the building with their homeroom teachers and learning their locker combinations. MSMS’s Teaching staff wasted no time insuring that students were ready for the upcoming school year, with some such as Mr. Jourdan(shown below) introducing new students to Google Classroom, one of BPS’s newest tech teaching tools. The teachers and staff of Marshall Simonds Middle School enthusiastically welcome all students for what we’re hoping will shape up to be another fantastic year!


Marshall Simonds’ new Sixth Graders enjoy their first lunch in the Cafeteria


8th Grade Science Teacher, Mr. Marino walks his students through the the process of setting up Google Classroom, a new teaching tool to Burlington Public Schools this year.


The Eighth Graders are already getting back to work!






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