New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Baldwin

17 09 2014
Ms. Sarah Baldwin, Marshall Simonds' newest Art teacher.

Ms. Sarah Baldwin, Marshall Simonds’ newest Art teacher.

This week, we’ll be spotlighting Marshall Simonds’ newest Art teacher, Sarah Baldwin. Ms. Baldwin had this to say about her background and teaching goals for Marshall Simonds Middle School this year:

“I am excited to be teaching art here at Marshall Simonds! This will be my first year in Burlington but my 10th year teaching; I recently moved back to Massachusetts from Maryland, where I taught grades 7-12 art at the Jemicy School, a small school for students with dyslexia outside of Baltimore. Previously, I also taught Art and English at the Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, MA. My teaching career has also included coaching a variety of sports including rock climbing, field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse.
This year, my art students will be expanding and fine-tuning their skills with a variety of materials in the art room. One of my main goals is to get students to realize that making successful art is about practicing a set of learnable skills, and that anyone can be an artist. Art is not something that just a select few are capable of; time and practice will allow any individual to make effective art.  Currently, my students in all grades are broadening their repertoire of drawing skills–the 6th graders are learning about shading and drawing from observation, the 7th graders are gaining the skills needed to make portraits, and the 8th graders are learning about linear perspective while making drawings of interior spaces. As the year progresses, they will continue to develop skills with paint, clay, and other materials while also exploring techniques for conveying ideas in the art they make. I’m looking forward to getting to know students, teachers, and families in the Burlington community throughout the year!”
Ms. Baldwin assists students with a perspective drawing assignment.

Ms. Baldwin assists students with a perspective drawing assignment.


Ms. Baldwin Observes Students as they work on their perspective drawings.

The students and faculty of Marshall Simonds Middle School welcome Ms. Baldwin and wish her and her students a great year!




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