New Staff Spotlight: Ms. Soumerai

1 10 2014

Ms. Leah Soumerai, Marshall Simonds’ new social worker.

This week’s spotlight will focus on new staff member Leah Soumerai. Leah is our social worker and plays an essential role in the lives of many students at MSMS. Ms. Soumerai had this to say about herself and her goals during her first year at Marshall Simonds:

“This is my first year working in the Burlington Public Schools, and I’m very excited to join this wonderful community of faculty, students and their families.  I’m quickly learning how special this community is, and look forward to getting fully integrated.  After graduating from Brookline High School, I volunteered for two years with City Year, working in Boston Public Schools and community centers.  I attended Boston College where I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  At BC I also studied photography as a minor concentration.  I received my Masters of Social Work at Boston College’s Graduate School of Social Work with a clinical focus, while working in a photography lab, and the marketing and communications department at Boston College.  Since receiving my Masters of Social Work I have worked as a clinician in a residential treatment program for adolescents in Framingham.  I also worked, and continue to work, as a sports-based group therapist through an organization called Doc Wayne, and as a Challenge Course Director at a summer camp where I have been for the past 11 years.  I have a dog named Max who is a registered therapy dog, and together we visit residential treatment facilities and facilities for senior citizens.  I love coming up with new crafting projects, doing photography, traveling with family and friends, playing soccer and softball, and surfing!

My goal for my first year at Marshall Simonds is to really get to know the students who attend this school, and their families.  I want to learn all about what this community has to offer its residents.  I hope to identify what skills and resources I can bring to the Marshall Simonds table, so that I can do my part to serve students and families.  I especially hope that I can support students when they are struggling, to get back on their feet, so that they can continue fulfilling their potential.”

The staff and students of Marshall Simonds Middle School welcome Ms. Soumerai and wish her a great year!




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