MSMS Helpdesk Hangs Out with their Californian Counterparts

13 11 2014

The MSMS Helpdesk begins their Hangout with the Mayan Genius Bar.

This afternoon, the MSMS Helpdesk partook in a Google Hangout with the Mayan Genius Bar, another Middle School Helpdesk. Based out of Montgomery Middle School in San Diego, CA, the Mayan Genius Bar assists student and teachers with tech problems and demonstrates new and engaging ways to incorporate educational & effective device use into class. MSMS students took the time to ask questions and share ideas regarding device and app use at their respective schools.


Much like Marshall Simonds, Montgomery Middle School is a 1:1 school, meaning every student receives an iPad to complete classwork. Over the course of the hangout, we learned that they use a lot of the same foundational apps that MSMS and BPS students use, such as: Explain Everything, Notability and Google Drive apps. Students also shared ideas, problems, and experiences during their time as Helpdesk members. MSMS helpdesk members found they had a lot in common regarding app & device usage as well as typical issues encountered during their time at Helpdesk.


The MSMS Helpdesk had a great time during their hangout with the Mayan Genius bar and hope to continue reaching out to them and other middle school helpdesks throughout the year!




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