7A Eggsperiments with Osmosis

22 12 2014
Students share their findings with Mrs. Pratt.

Students share their findings with Mrs. Pratt.

Last week, the students of 7A conducted a series of eggsperiments in Mrs. Pratt’s Life Science class in order to gain a better understanding of how osmosis works. This lab demonstrated the selectively permeable characteristics of a cell membrane when an animal cell is eggposed varying osmotic conditions. Eggs were submerged in household substances such as vinegar, corn syrup, and even Kool-Aid on different days throughout the week, causing alterations in size, color, and texture. This proved to be an engaging, eggciting, and eggceptionally punny lab for the students of 7A.


A student “washes” an egg shell off after the egg had been submerged in vinegar for a day.


An egg is submerged in corn syrup on the third day of the lab.

On the last day of the eggsperiment, students observed how their eggs had changed after each group submerged their eggs into a concoction of their own making the day before. The eggs that emerged on the final day of the lab came out in a variety of colors and textures based on the contents of the mixture, with some eggs turning green, purple, orange or black.


7A students show off their Egg on the last day of the Eggsperiment.


Among the materials used by students over the course of the lab included but weren’t limited to: hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, corn syrup, and kool-aid.


“We named her ‘Eggsmerelda’.”

To learn more about this lab and the other great things being done in Mrs. Pratt’s Life Science classes, visit her blog.




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23 12 2014
Heather Cornell

cool!!! i am doing that soon with Mrs. Scelsi’s 7C classroom

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