2015 6th Grade Summer Reading List

1. Please select only ONE book from the following list to read this summer. You are REQUIRED to fill out the provided notes sheet as you read. This will help you keep track of important characters and events. Plus, you will be allowed to use your handwritten notes on the quiz. Please talk to your parents about your selection, look at online reviews, and read the descriptions below to pick.

The Notes Sheet mentioned above can found here.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham Christopher Paul Curtis

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy  Ally Carter

Eight Keys  Suzanne LaFleur

How to Survive Middle School  Donna Gephart

2. When you come to sixth grade, you will take one multiple choice test based on your selected book.

3. Enjoy reading while on the beach, in your room, or any quiet spot of your choice. Have a wonderful summer!

~Your future 6th grade teachers


7 responses

12 06 2015
Lori V

Where can the provided notes sheet be found? Thank you.

12 06 2015

Hi Lori, a link to the note sheet has been added to the page. Thanks!

17 06 2015
Ash K

I’m an incoming 6th grader, so that means thatI have to choose one of these?

18 06 2015

Yes, Ash. You’ll have to read one of those books, fill out a notesheet, and take an open-note quiz on your choice the first week of school.

18 06 2015
Ash K

Okay, I picked How to Survive Middle School. See you this fall.

9 08 2015
Angelina D

Can I fill out the note sheet on Google Docs, then share it with you?

12 08 2015

You’ll want to make a copy of the online notesheet and share it out to your English teacher when you head back to school.

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