7th Graders Dissect Cow Heart & Lungs to Learn More about the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

14 05 2015

Mrs. Pratt explains the different functions of the heart’s four chambers.

This week, seventh graders across all of our teams have been dissecting cow hearts, lungs, and bones to learn how the circulatory & respiratory systems work in relation to one-another. Today 7A Science Teacher, Mrs. Pratt pointed out the key components and functions of heart, lung, and bone tissue to her classes. This hands-on demonstration allowed our students the opportunity to see what they’ve learned the past few weeks in action. Additional photos and videos of the demonstration can be found below.


Mrs. Pratt points out where the ligaments of the knee connect to the femur.


Mrs. Pratt points out the bone marrow


Mrs. Pratt points out the membranes which hold the organs of animals together.


7A students use straws to inflate & expand the lungs.

IMG_3437 IMG_3445

A video of students inflating the cow lungs can be found below(Warning: not for the squeamish!):




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