Computer Coding Camp is Coming to Burlington This Summer!

15 05 2015

Burlington Public Schools-page-001

MineScratch Video Game Design at Burlington Public Schools!

Learn how to speak the language of computers! Campers will dive into the exciting world of computer coding through Scratch, developed at MIT. Scratch is a block-based application designed to make it simple for anyone to learn programming. Throughout the camp, coders create Minecraft-themed projects like an epic space battle game or a choose your own adventure story! The possibilities to create are endless!

Ages: 7-12

Cost: $120

August 3rd-7th  8am-11am at Marshall Simonds Middle School

Go to: to register!


Minecraft Modding Camp at Burlington Public Schools!

Why just *play* Minecraft when you can *create* Minecraft?  In this camp designed for quick learners or those with block-based coding experience, campers will learn how to code in Java by making a mod for Minecraft! This is professional, text-based coding. Create and then craft a sword out of mushy bananas, or spawn a flying golden cow! Make the full transition from player to content creator!

Ages: 9-14

Cost: $170

August 3rd-7th 12pm-3pm at Marshall Simonds Middle School

Go to to register!




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