Summer Reading List for Incoming BHS Freshmen

17 06 2015

Below are the Summer Reading choices for incoming BHS Freshmen:

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger
Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan
Reality Boy by A. S. King

Here are the assignments attached to our summer reading program:

DUE DATES: Written assignments (all grades) are due at the teacher’s discretion, but will be no later than the first Thursday of the school year. Annotations (grades 11 & 12) are due on the first day of the school year.


WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT – After reading the novel, write a one-paragraph response to ONE of the following questions:

1) Coming-of-age novels often find characters who discover who they are through some mistake that they make. Select a character from your book (main character or secondary) who evolves because of a mistake he or she has made. Show how that mistake helps shape that character’s sense of self.

2) Select a character from the novel whom you can personally relate to. What is it about this character that is similar to your own life and/or experience? Also indicate any significant ways that you and the character are different as well. Please be sure to use specific moments from the book to create your paragraph.

3) Coming-of-age novels often have an instructional element to them – they are not merely about the struggles and the evolution of the main character, but also about the way that the reader might understand something better about his or her own life via the characters in the book. Identify something that you think might be an important message that your book is attempting to deliver.

For whichever topic you choose, you need to provide at least three distinctly different moments from the story that support your response. These points should not be from the same general section of the book.

Sample Paragraph – Freshmen (Also – the formatting on this .doc file is correct – please use it as a template for your own response)

Freshman Summer Reading Paragraph Grading Rubric

To learn more about the BHS Summer Reading Program, visit the BHS English Department’s blog.




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17 06 2015
Mrs. Rogers

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Summer reading for 9th grade!

18 06 2015
Ash K

Have the teams for next year been selected yet?

19 06 2015

MSMS Teams for next year have not yet been finalized.

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