Supply List Update

27 07 2015

As we continue to take advantage of the technological resources provided for students in BPS, our traditional school supply list is undergoing some modifications. We will continue to encourage and support student use of iPads for notes and organization which will make the purchase of multiple notebooks and binders a choice for students and their families. For the first few days of school, we encourage students to come with a single subject notebook and a couple of pens and pencils for notes and classwork (as the iPad distribution will not happen immediately).  Classroom teachers will discuss their expectations with students during the opening days of school and students and their families can decide what the best workflow option will be for them (online notes or traditional notes).




3 responses

27 07 2015

By the time the children come back to school and teachers communicate need for supplies, all the back to school sales will have ended. (This happened last year and we had to purchase binders at full price.) It would be better if teachers could post needs over the summer so students/parents could find out what will be needed ahead of time.

7 08 2015

Are we allowed to decorate notebooks?

24 08 2015

what are the supplies?

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