MSMS Students Elects this Year’s Student Council Members

2 10 2015

The 8th Grade Student Council

This week, Marshall Simonds’ 7th and 8th grade students went to the polls to elect their student representatives for the 2015-2016 school year. In the end only 12 8th Graders and 24 7th Graders would be elected to office.

Our 8th graders, the class of 2020, chose Johnathan Hurley, Jason Pellegrino, Eric Hovesepian, Mikey Fazio, Grace Muggagle, Bridget Conceison, Jackie Scola, Leah Twohig, Shiv Patel, James Fulciniti, Mia Han, and Colby Walzer to represent their class on the student council.

7th Grade’s Student Council members are: Tino Bonanno, Sydney Hovasse, Sydney Pavao, Brian Murrary, Kendall Fiato, Emma McLean, Devin DeLuca, Kevin Mahoney, Sara Capobianco, Mike Fogarty, Chloe Poles, Shawn Pinkham, Collen McMakin, Jonathan Arkalis, Angela Minichello, John Peluso, Jack Jay, Caroline Curtin, Jenna Noona, Thomas Brosnan, Caroline Macri, Brian O’Neil, Anthony Dalessio, and Kathryn Woodilla.

We’d like to congratulate all students who were elected to office as well as the students that participated in the democratic process at Marshall Simonds Middle School!


7th Grade Student Council




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