MSMS Celebrates Grade 8’s Q1 Scholars!

9 12 2015

Lily A. and Stavan S., the current top scholars of the Class of 2020

This morning, Marshall Simonds celebrated the academic achievements of our 8th Graders with our first Scholars Brunch of the year. Students were treated to breakfast and hot chocolate before being given their awards and a nifty stylus/flashlight pen. In attendance were the scholars of the class of 2020, their teachers, as well as two MSMS alumni, Sarah Iler and Robert Ryan. Sarah currently attends Tufts University and Robert is a senior at BHS.

During the brunch, the MSMS Woodwind Ensemble played live music for their classmates. Mr. Connors, Mrs. Abati, as well as Sarah Iler and Robert Ryan each made speeches congratulating students on their achievements and encouraging them to  keep up their hard work in high school and beyond. The top two scholars of the class of 2020, Lily and Stavan, were also recognized for their tied cumulative averages for the year so far. We hope to see everyone again at the Scholars brunch in February!







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9 12 2015
Jane Breiby

Of course, the one day that Taylor is sick… She had to miss this great event with her peers. Oh well…. We should be so thankful that she is such a healthy kid, that’s the main thing.

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