MSMS Students Love Hour of Code!!

11 12 2015
Copy of File_000

Mrs. Shea’s students participate in Hour of Code

This week, students across all grade levels and subject areas have been participating in Hour of Code, a global movement which seeks to build up student interest in computer science and coding. has created numerous coding activities to make coding engaging and fun for students by creating puzzles and simulations influenced by pop culture hits such as Frozen, Minecraft and Star Wars. Hour of Code first began in 2013 with the long-term goal of making computer science an integral part of the core curriculum.

In an increasingly digital world, an understanding of coding is invaluable and Hour of Code seeks to make coding and computer science more accessible to students. Since Marshall Simonds is a 1:1 school, our students have had numerous opportunities to use their iPads to learn coding through a series of applications, online simulations and games. Student coding samples and products as well as additional photos of MSMS students participating in Hour of Code can be found below.

IMG_1216 IMG_1225 IMG_1208 IMG_1217




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