Millipore Sigma Visits 7th Grade Science to Experiment with DNA!

9 03 2016

7C Students build models of DNA 

Today, some scientists from Millipore Sigma visited Marshall Simonds to conduct a lab on the purpose, function, and components of DNA. During the lesson, students donned lab coats and took DNA samples from their cheeks. Following the extraction, the scientists from Millipore Sigma explained the importance of DNA and how scientists interact with DNA in their research. Students also built models of DNA which consisted of their 6 components: Sugar, Phosphate, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine.

Millapore Sigma visited the school as part of the Spark global outreach program, which aims to spark a child’s curiosity and interest in Science. Our 7A and 7C science students really enjoyed this hands-on approach to learning about DNA and learned a lot from this visit!





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