BHS World Languages Department Visits MSMS for National Foreign Language Week!

11 03 2016

BHS Italian Teacher Mrs. Hoerle introduces herself to our 7th and 8th Grade Italian students.

This week, teachers and students from Burlington High School’s French and Italian programs paid a visit to Marshall Simonds as a part of National Foreign Language Week. During these visits BHS Italian teacher Mrs. Hoerle and French Teacher Mrs. Price showed off projects and videos that their classes had put together. We also had Mr. Stringer and the Latin Club visit a couple weeks ago to encourage our Latin students to continue taking Latin at Burlington High School.

The students involved in the High School’s foreign language classes clubs also performed skits and dances for MSMS 7th and 8th graders. Mrs. Price and Mrs. Hoerle also took questions from students regarding what their classes and clubs entail, including the student exchange programs offered by the BHS World Languages Department.

We’d like to thank the BHS World Languages Department for taking the time to have their Latin, French, and Italian programs visit us in the past few weeks. Our students look forward to all that the High School’s programs have to offer! Photos and videos from these visits can be viewed below.





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