8C Presidential Primary Elections

16 03 2016

Over the past couple weeks, students in 8C have been participating in mock Town Meetings, Conventions, and elections to gain a better understanding of the presidential election process. To view photos from the from the project as well as the results, check out the slideshow above. To learn more about the project, read the student write-up below by 8C students Aurora Golden, Naaz Thotathil, Arya Nagraj, Christina Manners, Thomas McIninch.

The Democratic and Republican parties are the two main parties in our democracy; they have their similarities and differences, but most importantly, they decide who will become our next president. To help kids get a better understanding of the elections deciding the nominations for the next President of the United States, Mrs. Volpe’s 8C social studies students held mock Town Meetings.  

      Students held Town Meetings, where they took on roles of the candidates. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as the Democrats and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Ben Carson as the Republicans. They researched their candidates’ outlook and solutions on issues such as ISIS, immigration, taxes, gun control, health care, trade, and many other important problems facing our country. The candidates went up in front of the class and answered questions from the other students, who researched each candidate to get a better understanding of the issues and what questions they wanted to have answered.

         After the Town meeting, students created mini foldables with each of the candidates and their views on the aforementioned issues. The foldables had the Democratic candidates in blue, and the Republicans’ in red, as well as pictures of each candidate. Then, on Super Tuesday, the students finished up the unit learning about the candidates by holding a simulated election. They were given a secret ballot with the names of all the candidates, and  they chose which one they believed would make a great president and they privately cast their ballots. Of the 78 votes cast the tally ended up being Hillary Clinton at 5.46% (7 votes), Bernie Sanders 19.5% (25 votes), Donald Trump 19.5% (25 votes), Ted Cruz 3.12% (4 votes), Marco Rubio 3.9% (5 votes), John Kasich 5.46% (7 votes), and Ben Carson 3.9% (5 votes); making the winners, Democrat, Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump. It ended up being a tie too! Although these are the opinions of the majority of 8C, many people in the United States who are voting may have radically different views. Let’s wait and see the nation vote in November to see who actually wins!





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