MSMS 7th Graders Attend IDEAS Conference

25 04 2016



MSMS 7th Graders get ready to attend the IDEAS conference

On Thursday, April 14, 10 MSMS 7th grade students, chaperoned by Ms. Eovine and Ms. Fay, traveled to the EDCO Collaborative facility in Bedford, MA for their annual IDEAS Middle School Leadership Conference.  Student who attended were Princess Sawyer-Rodriguez, Rachad Mesnaoui,  Marwan Kiswani, T.J. Brosnan, Badr Hakim, Matt Tengtrakool, Shashank Uthappa, Angie Minichiello, Winnie Sukyaya,  and Jensine Wagner.

    EDCO sponsors the IDEAS program: Initiatives for Developing Equity and Achievement for Students.  The conference focused on how students can develop connections and alliances with each other as they focus on understanding and appreciating diversity and ways to promote respectful school communities.  

    Our Marshall Simonds student representatives had the opportunity to work with students from 6 other middle schools, including Bedford, Lexington, and Needham.  Activities were designed to inspire discussion on issues relating to diversity, such as playing a scrabble game highlighting discrimination and equity, discussing how we identify ourselves, both privately and publicly, and competing at charades illustrating achievements of different racial and ethnic groups.  A highlight of the day was having time at lunch to share and learn about other middle schools.





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