MSMS Students Explore “In Our Family” Photo Exhibit

3 05 2016


In Our Family, a favorite exhibit of primary and secondary schools, explores the diversity of non-traditional family structure through conveying the experiences of non-traditional families in their own words.In Our Family promotes tolerance by encouraging discussion of who constitutes a family, and champions the understanding and acceptance of difference, a crucial aspect of anti-bullying work, by opening up a dialogue around the meaning of family. In Our Family is particularly relevant given the modern proliferation of non-traditional families, including multiracial families, extended families, single-parent households, and LGBTQ families, which continues to diversify school environments as students are increasingly required to interact daily with students of divergent social identities.

In Our Family is a museum-quality traveling photo-text exhibit about twenty families representing a breadth of diversity and family configurations including: adoptive and foster families; divorced and stepfamilies, single parent households, multiracial families, families facing chronic illness and death; families living with mental and physical disabilities; lesbian and gay-parented families; interfaith families, multigenerational households, and immigrant families.



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