“Meet The Candidates” by 8C students- Adelaide O., Eva T., & Lainey G.

4 11 2016


Under the direction of 8C’s Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Volpe, the students of Marshall Simonds team 8C recreated their own Town Hall Presidential Debates. Some students represented Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic candidate and some students represented Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican candidate.

      Just like the actual debates, things got a little heated, but the students who took part as the candidates did their research,covered all of the facts, and answered all of the unexpected questions asked by the other students in the class  with great detail and reasoning. Overall the students enjoyed participating in and recreating the debates. They were also very fun to watch.

         At the end of the debates the students were asked to vote for their Presidential Candidate. Donald Trump had 44 points, Hillary Clinton had 39 points and Others received 2 points. Donald Trump won for the 8C early polling.  

A Block: Donald Trump -Sean, Jefin, and Justin

               Hillary Clinton-  Sydney and Marina.

B Block: Donald Trump- Colby and Alex

                Hillary Clinton- Zack and Shea

C Block: Donald Trump- Victor, Michael, and Alex

                Hillary Clinton- Lainey and Alison

D Block: Donald Trump-  Connor and JR

                Hillary Clinton- Doug and Kevin




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5 11 2016

Great job 8C!!!

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