7A Cell-a-brates Cells!

22 12 2016

On Wednesday, 7A students partook in their teams annual “Cell-a-bration” in Mrs. Pratt’s Life Science classes. All students created models of cells using household objects, shared feed back with each other, and entertained each other will cell-centric jokes, dances, songs, and charades.

The Cell-a-bration began with students putting their homemade Cell models on display – they then walked around the room and commented on each other’s projects before checking out the Cell posters displayed in the hallway outside Mrs. Pratt’s room. Students were then treated to cell-themed snacks that they made for the Cell-a-bration. Each block concluded with students participating in silly cell-themed stand-up, songs, and charades.

Mrs. Pratt allowed students a variety of options for this project – students were required to create a cell model, but were also encouraged to embrace their creative sides through comedy, song, and games. To learn more about what 7A’s Life Science Students have been up to, check out Mrs. Pratt’s 7th Grade Science Blog!







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