MSMS Newsletters 2/3/2017

3 02 2017


Dear Parents,

This has been a very busy week for the students.  The Sixth grade experienced a wonderful trip to the theater on Thursday, the students saw Billy Elliot at the Wheelock Family Theater.

    Grade Seven students this morning celebrated the 100 Anniversary of Ella Fitzgerald’s life with an outstanding assembly.  A very gifted narrator sang, showed slides and provided a musical selection of the “First Lady of Music”.

In addition she sang selected signature numbers of Ella’s and led the audience in song.

    Grade Eight students at this time have begun high school transition activities.  The class was treated to a visit from the Burlington High School Music Department.  The assembly oriented the students to the various opportunities available to them for next year.  

   The New England Patriot spirit is strong here today at the middle school all in red,white and blue as students gear up for the big game! Go Patriots!!!

Noreen Abati
Team Leader

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