MSMS PE Dept holds Annual 6th Grade Volleyball Tournament

3 03 2017
IMG_0191 (1).JPG

6A’s Team from Mrs. Eagar’s homeroom came back from behind to win this year’s Grade 6 Volleyball Tournament.

On Thursday afternoon, MSMS held it’s annual 6th Grade Volleyball tournament featuring the four strongest teams from the class of 2023. After a series of very close games, 6A’s team led by Geography teacher Mrs. Eagar came out on top. 6A’s team led by Math teacher Mr. Fryman came in second place, 6C’s team came in third, and Mrs. Sturtevant’s 6B team came in fourth.

8th Grader Joe P. and 7th grader Ashraf K., kept score and announced play-by-play information to the audience and our Gym teachers served as referees. All of 6th grade was in attendance for the Volleyball finals.

Thank you to all who participated in this years tournament! We’d like to congratulate Liz B., Brian C., Kaitlyn W., Ameyaa K., Aydin K., Barack M., Cassidy S., and Michael S. on their well-earned victory!




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