MSMS Holds 2nd Term Scholars Brunch for 8th Grade

29 03 2017

This morning, Marshall Simonds Middle School honored it’s 2nd term 8th grade scholars with a scholars brunch. Students were treated to and an array of delicious goodies and awarded certificates of recognition by their teams and homeroom teachers. The parents of MSMS’ 8th grade scholars were also invited to attend the brunch.

MSMS music teacher Andy Mullen led the Select Chorus in singing “Tumekuja Kuimba (We Have Come to Sing!)” to begin the Brunch. Afterwards, Mr. Connors and Dr. Conti spoke to those in attendance before homeroom teachers handed out certificates of academic recognition. Sara Shaikh and Landrick Diaz were given special recognition for being the top scholars in their class last term.

MSMS Principal Richard Connors, BPS Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti, and MSMS Team Leader Noreen Abati all spoke at the brunch – congratulating our students for their hard work and reminding them that the reward for hard work is most often more hard work. Students were encouraged to keep up their hard work and to continue their pursuit of academic challenges as they go to BHS and beyond.




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