PTO May 3rd 2017 Meeting Minutes

10 05 2017
  • Election of officers – postponed due to lack of board members to approve.

o   Adrienne Mattson will likely stay as Treasurer

o   Beth Reith will stay  on as President

o   Rose Hatch has offered to fill a position – Beth recommended membership coordinator

o   Joe will continue doing box tops

  • We need more members if possible!! Suggestion to send another email to the PTO’s at other schools asking them to volunteer – attend next  session- hopefully they’ll agree to help out.
  • Budget expenditures – Beth confirmed our decision to support the final fling but we’d support the lighting and balloons – same amount roughly as last year but different expenses to ensure everyone at dance gets the benefit of the funds.  We received checks from textiles $17.75, Box Tops $164.80 and 1 new membership for $50!
  • Fund raising – tabled due to lack of participation – but we did discuss the need to have some big events early next fall to encourage families to get involved – ex.Screenagers film.   Mrs. Fay was unable to attend the Needham screening.  Mrs. Abati and Mr. Connors would like a few teachers to review before promoting.  We need to find out where it’s showing soon.
  • Teacher appreciation – May 19th.  Michelle Kelleher said she’d set up the Google drive for volunteers to sign up for food/coffee/supplies, set up and clean up.

May Activities

May 8th MCAS grades 6-8 starts week of May 8th

May 16th MCAS for grade 8 only

May 19th Teacher Appreciation Day

May 24th Spring pictures

May 25 MSMS school concert

May 26th Field trip to music festival

June Activities

Late May -early June Christa McAuliffe field trip 6th grade

13th Vaudeville

16th 8th grade final fling

21st Canobie Lake Park

22nd 8th grade graduation

23 Last day of school


Need to decide next meeting date!




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