Explain Everything Animation Lesson from Grade 6 Student

16 05 2017

Nick Daly.jpeg

Marshall Simonds Middle School grade 6 student Nicholas assumed the role of Assistant Technology Integration Teacher to share his knowledge of animation with his 6th grade classmates. Nicholas provided a great lesson using the Explain Everything iPad app. Nick’s techniques mimic the traditional method for producing cartoons. The process included drawing an object (stick figure), recording, replacing with a repositioned object, erasing the first object then re-recording.

Nicholas demonstrated his innate teaching skills through his planned lesson by mirroring his iPad on our AppleTV. First, Nick presented a short animation that he created. Next, he demonstrated to the class how to make the animation with a step-by-step approach allowing the students to follow along. He was careful to point out possible pitfalls offering troubleshooting solutions to avoid snags within the production.

As a follow up assignment to Nick’s lesson the students were asked to create an animation that told a simple story.

Nicholas did a fantastic job on teaching his animation lesson. I was impressed by his knowledge, teaching skills, lesson planning, clear explanation, patience, punctuality, and follow through without reminders.

I hope Nicholas contemplates education as a career possibility. Thank you Nick for your time and the great lesson!

Linda O’Leary
Instructional Technology Specialist
Marshall Simonds Middle School




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