MSMS Newsletters 9/8/2017

8 09 2017


Dear Parents,

I am happy to report that we have had a smooth productive opening to the 2017-2018 school year.  Both the students and teachers returned refreshed and eager to begin the year.  You certainly have been asked to review and or return several forms this week.  We are asking you to sign the slip below and return it with your child Monday.  Communication is an important goal of the middle school.  We want you to be aware of our newsletters and blog postings regarding your child’s assignment and homework.  You should be seeing your son or daughter engaged each evening in homework studies.  The teachers assign our sixth grade students at least one hour, seventh grade teacher 1 ½ hours and eighth grade teachers 2 hours of homework daily.  At times the students will be required to spend more time depending on the assignment.  Middle school years are an important time for the children to learn study skills, one that includes writing, review, study and demonstration of learning.  This is a three year process and we strive to assure each student’s mastery in this area.

Each evening your child should be bringing home their agenda books.  Assignments are recorded in these books.  The agenda also contains the student handbook in the front.  It would be helpful for you to review the handbook with your child.  Good home-school communication on the issues presented in the handbook is essential.  New parents to the school may ask what is a “brunch”.  It is a specific time when I meet with the three teams on grade level alone.  Each team (100 students) gather in the cafeteria.  They are able to purchase something to eat and serve as an important communication vehicle for the school.  They provide the students and myself the opportunity to discuss issues, recognition of students, school-wide problems, social issues, bullying, internet issues, elections, upcoming events and much more.  I look forward each to Friday morning and my meeting with the different grades and teams.  Our discussions during weekly brunch reconfirm my confidence in the wonderful sons and daughters you have sent us.

Back to School Nights: Monday September 18 for Grade 6 at 7:00 pm and Monday September 25 for Grades 7&8 at 7:00 pm.

Cell phone usage policy is coming home today to review, sign and return.

Student Absence/Tardy: Please report before 8:00 am 781.270.1781 press 1

Dismissal: Before 1:30 pm you may park in front of the school. After 1:30 pm No parking in front of the school.

You need to park on the Peach Orchard side of the building and walk around to the main office.

Noreen Abati

Team Leader




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