Burlington SEPAC Presents: Recognizing Anxiety in Children

3 11 2017
Burlington Special Education Parent Advisory Council will be hosting a night with Staff Psychologists from McLean Anxiety Mastery Program. This is a unique opportunity to hear from professionals in the field who have been working with the BPS helping to educate staff on recognizing anxiety in students. As we know, anxiety is a normal part of childhood, and every child goes through phases. But, how do you recognize when your child is really struggling or becomes stuck in a negative cycle, impacting their progress in school and their social and emotional well-being? When children are anxious, even the most well-meaning parents can fall into that cycle and, not wanting their child to suffer, actually exacerbate the anxiety. 

Katie Thorpe Blaha, PhD and Julia Martin Burch, PhD will lead a discussion on:

• Strategies for recognizing anxiety in children, including information about how anxiety can present in school

• Ways to support anxious kids at home that partner well with school-based strategies

• Approaches to communicating with your child’s teachers and school counselors, including what school-based supports might be relevant for children experiencing anxiety

This presentation is geared toward all students not just those students receiving Special Education.

All are welcome to attend!
November 8th
6:45-8:30pm, doors open at 6:45pm 
(presentation begins at 7:00pm)
Grandview Marion Tavern
55 Center Street, 2nd floor



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