MSMS Students Recognized by the National Latin Exam!

21 05 2018


The following MSMS Latin students were recognized for achievement, outstanding achievement as well as a handful of perfect scores on this year’s National Latin Exam. We’d like to congratulate them as well as their teacher, Mr. Walsh on their hard-earned achievements!

Certificates for Achievement:
Grade 7:
Liam Benston
Elijah Wolinski
Tyler Callahan
Aydin Khalifa
Megan O’Connell
Henry Morin
Grade 8:
Joel Varghese
Connor Custance
Ryan Cunningham
MIchael  Ducharme
Akshay Aravind
Billy Hatch
Sakishan Wigneswaram
Certificates for Outstanding Achievement:
Grade 7:
Michaela Vittum
Yusra Afzal
Rithikh Prakash
Mya Koffie
Inesh Parikh
Julia Valanzola
Leisha Peddu
Grade 8:
Sean Cunningham
Rohan Varma
Ryan Murphy
Kara Martin
Malachi Riley
Perfect Scores:
Kasper Mcininch
Dustin Zhang
Katelyn Murphy





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