7C Learns about Water Filtration with help from MilliporeSigma!

25 05 2018

MilliporeSigma, a biotechnology company with offices in Burlington and Billerica, returned to Marshall Simonds Middle School on Thursday to work with students on Team 7C.  This is part of a community outreach program meant to pair students with real-life scientists.

The students participated in a hands-on lab that focused on water filtration. The goal of the lab was to stress the importance of potable drinking water to the human body. The students approached the problem of not having enough potable drinking water from a science and engineering perspective. In this activity, students learned that of all of the water on Earth, only a very small percentage is potable, or safe for drinking. Students used this information as motivation to design a water filter using the engineering design process. After creating a prototype of their design, students test their filter by pouring dirty water through it. The process of filtration is tied to the physical properties of matter, and students learn how water filtration is used in the industry by scientists and individuals. Finally, students tested their clean water by recording visual observations and testing the chlorine content of the water.




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25 05 2018

Reblogged this on Burlington Superintendent's Blog and commented:
Burlington is so fortunate to have corporate citizens who are invested in our public schools. Thank you MilliporeSigma.

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