6A Newsletter 10/31/14


October 31, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) We are almost done with our unit on culture, population and economics, and will soon begin studying the continents of the world.  We have been spending a lot of time talking about government and are now learning basic economics, including different types of economic systems, supply and demand, etc.  The beginning of next week will be spent learning about world trade, natural resources and their importance to the world’s economies.  Following this, we will start with the continents, beginning with South America. With South America, we will focus primarily on the countries of Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. With most countries, we will learn about major physical features, climate zones and natural resources.  Students will learn how to predict how these factors affect the countries’ economy and population, as well as how they have affected its history.

Reading: (A-17) We have been reading the novel and have done several literature circles in which students practice various skills, including summarizing, forming connections and vocabulary building.

MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18) We have concluded our decimal unit with a quiz on decimal operations this week as well as the introduction of metric conversions.  The next chapter we will begin involves a variety of data analysis topics as well as different types of graphs.  Students will start with mean, median, mode, range, bar graphs, and line graphs.  Next week, students will be assigned their 1st math project: Pumpkin Project.  More details about this project as well as the due date will be posted on the math blog toward the end of next week (www.tate6a.wordpress.com).

Reading: (A-18) We have finished reading Freak the Mighty.  Students have concluded the book by creating a Venn Diagram describing similarities and differences between Kevin and Max, comparing and contrasting the book and movie, and summarizing the story.  Students were given a list of 5 project options to choose from which is due Thursday, November 6th.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19)  This week students will learn the elements of writing a persuasive essay. Focus areas will include writing a strong topic sentence and supporting their topic with clearly stated reasons with specific examples and facts. Writing activities will focus on writing clear and direct sentences, understanding the difference between reasons and examples, as well as facts and opinions, using persuasive words and transitions, and developing self-editing and revising skills as they learn that writing is a process. Students will choose from four available topics: Should students be allowed to bring their iPads Home? Should students be paid to do well in school? Should MSMS serve junk food at lunch? And, should violent video games be banned?

Reading: (A-19) We are continuing to make progress with our novel Kimchi and Calamari by Rose Kent. Students are reading the story using LightSail, an eReader that prompts students to learn and explore new vocabulary, answer questions that measure comprehension, and respond to events in the story by writing about their thoughts and reactions. The app monitors the pace at which students read, and it sets reading goals and keeps track of their improving Lexile level.


SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) We are finishing our pumpkin lab report in the next few days.  Students will be filling out a rubric to grade themselves and their lab group.   We will change lab groups at the conclusion of the lab report, and will begin our next unit on movement of heat through the spheres of the earth.  We will look at how heat from the sun is distributed through the atmosphere and how weather patterns and global winds result from this heating.  There will be many hands on activities and demonstrations as we explore heat movement.

Reading: (D-101) We have finished our first novel, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.  Students have created their own iMovie trailers for the novel.  We will watch the Disney adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle.  This novel was referenced frequently in When You Reach Me.   It was the favorite novel of the main character, and the themes of responsibility, friendship, and time travel are present in both novels.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine – Students will be continuing the “Second Step Program”.  The focus next week will be on identifying emotions and feelings and learning about empathy.  Students will be involved in short role-plays to practice what they learned.  


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