6A Newsletter 11/26/2014


 November 26, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17)  In social studies students just took a map quiz on South America, which were passed back on Monday. For the most part, students did an excellent job with them.  This week we learned about Brazil, focusing on its geography and its impact on the economy. We also briefly discussed Brazil’s history and culture.  Following Thanksgiving break we will learn about Argentina and the rest of South America.  There will be a test at the conclusion of the unit.

Reading: (A-17)  In reading, we finished Holes and will begin The City of Ember following the break.  In addition to reading the novel, we have been working on fluency and vocabulary building.  We also started an in-class project to conclude the novel.   


MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18)We are still working in our graphing unit.  Students have learned how to make bar, line, and circle graphs, histograms, and dot plots.  Students have also learned how to analyze data by calculating the mean, median, mode, range as well as analyzing how data is distributed.  We played “Math Plinko” during class this week attempting to creating a Normal Distribution or Bell Curve.  When we return from the Thanksgiving break students will learn about Box and Whisker plots and independent vs. dependent variables.

Reading: (A-18)  Students are reading Max the Mighty and continue to work with new vocabulary words from the book as well as with our word roots.  We continue to work on our summarizing skills.


LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19) Next week we will begin using a new anthology of short stories, Great Books, which many students should be familiar with from elementary school. The stories represent great literature from respected authors such as William Saroyan, Ray Bradbury, and Shirley Jackson. Each reading selection is designed to encourage meaningful discussion of story elements, character motivations, and the use of theme and other literary elements. Students will also respond to each selection with written responses that reflect critical thinking skills. Students have been given materials for their nonfiction book report which will be a poster and oral presentation (due the week of January 5th).

Reading: (A-19)  Having finished Kimchi and Calamari, students will choose from among five titles for their next book: Among the Hidden, The City of Ember, Wonder, Divergent, and Maze Runner. The choices are meant to provide students an opportunity to read what interests them and at an appropriate reading level. Students will read independently but within a group that will support discussion of the text.


SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) We are continuing our study of heat  by watching and participating in demonstrations of heat transfer by convection, conduction, and radiation.  We will then move into heat transfer in the earth, layers of the earth, and plate tectonics.  After the Thanksgiving break I will be collecting research notebooks for grading.  Students will receive a rubric on Monday, and will be able to take their notebooks home Monday night to prepare.

Reading: (D-101) We are moving into small reading groups using the LightSail app.  The students have selected Wonder, Miracle on Ice, The City of Ember, Maze Runner, and Among the Hidden.  I will be working with these small groups to review their comprehension and facilitate discussion.


HEALTH: Ms. Eovine Students will begin the unit on bullying.  The focus the first week will be on types of bullying, the role of the bystander, and ways to handle bullying.  Students will be watching some videos, and role playing to practice what they learned in class.


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26 11 2014
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