6A Newsletter 12/12/2014


 December 12, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17)   Students took a test on South America today to conclude our unit and we will now study Europe.  Students also took a vocabulary quiz this past week, which was passed back the other day.  The tests will be passed back on Monday.  Both grades will be inputted into Aspen over the weekend.    Next week, we will begin the unit on Europe with a general introduction and will first learn about Western Europe.  With Europe, we will learn about the geography, climate zones and economies of the countries and examine how each has shaped, and continues to shape, the history of both the continent and the world as a whole. There will be tests and quizzes throughout the unit, as well as a major project that we will do to conclude the unit. The mid-year will be held in January and study guides will be passed out before vacation. I will also post the study guide on my blog.  Students should start looking over their notes and study guide over break.  I will be available for extra help after the break to review for the mid-year.

Reading: (A-17)  We are now reading the novel The City of Ember.  Students have been working on previewing some of the difficult vocabulary of the novel and completing various pre-reading activities and fluency assignments.

MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18) Students took a large graphing test this week and were also assigned their Survey Project.  6A students were given their project topic as well as an opportunity to survey their classmates during school today.  Project details are posted on the math blog and the assignment is due Friday, December 19th.  The next concepts we will be learning about before the midyear exam are prime and composite numbers, factor trees, prime factorization, factors, and multiples.  We will be playing several different games in class to reinforce these concepts.

Reading: (A-18)  Students continue to work with new vocabulary as well as citing text evidence about character traits while reading Max the Mighty.  In addition, students have been creating similes describing characters within the book.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19) Students are learning about the many types of nouns, such as common, proper, singular, plural, and possessive. The unit will conclude with a test next week. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to write a creative story of their own. They will choose from a tall tale, a folktale, or a fairy tale. Having read several stories from each genre, this will be a fun culminating activity that answers our unit’s essential question: Why do we tell stories? Students’ stories will reflect their answers to this important question.

Reading: (A-19)  Students are making progress with the book they selected last week. Titles include, London Eye Mystery, Wonder, City of Ember, and A Long Walk to Water. A purpose for reading is given at the start of each class. It typically includes identifying unfamiliar words and using context clues to uncover meaning, and answering one of several prompts such as: What is the main character’s best quality? What is the main character’s favorite possession? Is the main character a leader or a follower? A group discussion concludes each class.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) Students have completed their study of heat transfer by creating a short iMovie demonstrating the three types of heat transfer in the classroom.  Samples of student work can be found on the science blog at http://6ascienced101.blogspot.com/.  We are now beginning our study of the layers of the earth and plate tectonics.  We will examine the properties of earth’s layers, and how the interactions between plates cause earthquakes and volcanoes.  Next week students will be writing their own “Journey to the center of the Earth” science fiction stories.  An outline of the topics for January’s midyear exam will be sent home before vacation, and will be posted on google classroom.

Reading: (D-101) Students are working with their small groups on their new titles.  We begin each reading class with a focus task involving vocabulary or comprehension.  We have also begun working with reader’s theater, an engaging whole class activity in which students perform in groups, and practice using their voice to depict characters from texts.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine  – Students will be working on Public Service Announcements that deal with bullying.  They will be working in small groups and have an option of using either the program ”Explain Everything”, Google Presentation”, or “imovie”.  They will present them to the class the second class meeting of the week. Students will be watching a video on types of bullying and have a bullying assessment using KAHOOT ( A Program on the ipad).


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