6A Newsletter 3/18/2016


March 18,  2016

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) We are now learning about the Middle East and are currently studying the countries of North Africa.  With these countries, we are focusing on their geography, climate and culture, and the impact the Sahara Desert has on these.  We will also discuss the changes in government experienced by several of these countries in recent years and what impact this has had.  With the rest of the Middle East, we will learn about the geography (especially natural resources and freshwater issues), culture and a brief history.  With the history, we will briefly cover how/why many of the ancient civilizations arose here and will also discuss when and how many of the present-day countries were established.  We will also continue to discuss current events in class.

Reading: (A-17) In reading students have been reading their graphic novels which are based on Classics such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Journey to the Center of Earth, etc.  In addition to the reading, students have also been working on vocabulary building activities and theme-based book discussions.  Next week we will start the novel Among the Hidden.

MATH: (Mr. Fryman  A-18) Students did a great job completing the Sundae Project last week. We’ve now moved onto Chapter 6 working with integers on number lines. There will be a quiz over comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting integers within the next couple of weeks. This will tie into upcoming units focused on coordinate graphing later in the year. Students will also be following the the NYSE in our upcoming Stock Market Project. We will follow trends with stock prices and incorporate graphing techniques and fraction comparisons throughout the project. Students’ work will be on display at the Open House in April.

Reading: (A-18) We recently finished our “food” unit reading shorter titles in small groups and students did great with their discussions! We have now moved onto Year of Impossible Goodbyes, a great story following a 10-year-old Korean girl and her family’s struggles and perseverance during the Korean War.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt  A-19) I am really happy with how our Ch 6 Town Debate Mock Trial unfolded in class. Everyone has a role whether it was a Member of the Press, the jury, the judge, court officer, attorney, or book characters. Students gathered evidence and explained and elaborated this information to persuade. I am shocked how much a court case mirrors the parts of a persuasive essay. This week we had a test on Ch. 6-10. Remember if you see a star at the top of any quiz or test, this means your child created study evidence for bonus points. It is a great way to boost scores. Lastly, I am working with the computer teacher on the Biography Book Report Project. At home, student must read their Biography and takes notes based on the rubric (posted in Google Classroom). Then all the project work is done with Mrs. O’Leary by creating Prezi slideshows.

Reading: (A-19) Students continue reading Holes. Mrs. Gover is working with students on a great project centered around the theme of Diversity. In groups, students will make a project that will show diversity amongst the characters and setting of the book.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101):   This week we have begun our study of rocks and the rock cycle.  Students have had the opportunity to examine and identify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock samples.  Next week we will continue to review the rock cycle, and students will complete a cartoon “journey through the rock cycle”.  We will then move on to the study of minerals, and mineral testing.

Reading: (D-101) All groups have completed their green screen recordings of their Peter Nimble reader’s theaters.  I have posted links to their performances on the 6A google classroom page.  Next week we will begin our next novel, the classic White Fang by Jack London.


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