6A Newsletter 3/20/2015


March 20, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) We are now learning about the Middle East and are currently studying the countries of North Africa.  With these countries, we are focusing on their geography, climate and culture, and the impact the Sahara Desert has on these.  We will also discuss the changes in government experienced by several of these countries and what impact this has had.  With the rest of the Middle East, we will learn about the geography (especially natural resources and freshwater issues), culture and a brief history.  With the history, we will briefly cover how/why many of the ancient civilizations arose here and will also discuss when and how many of the present-day countries were established.  We will also continue to discuss current events in class.

Reading: (A-17) We are just finishing The City of Ember.  When we are done with the book, we will finish the movie based on the book and students will complete an in-class end of book project.  The next book we will read will be Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18)  Students took a quiz on integers and coordinates today in class.  They were also given an extra credit opportunity for the 3rd marking period to create a math constellation.  We also practiced several PARCC questions during class this week on our iPads to prepare for next week’s exam.  Please remember to bring in your headphones.  The next algebraic concepts we will be learning about include translating variable expressions and equations and combining like terms.

Reading: (A-18) Students have been working on several point of view activities while reading White Fang.  We have written stories from an animal’s point of view as well as short summaries from the point of view of one of the puppies who fears White Fang.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19) The focus this week is reviewing reading strategies to help students prepare for next week’s PARCC test. Lessons have included identifying the main idea of a text, making inferences, citing textual evidence, and using strategies to correctly find and answer comprehension questions. A school-wide practice test was conducted this past Wednesday so students could get a look at what to to expect. Once PARCC testing has been completed we will begin our next unit, a reading of the novel Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. It’s a story about a young boy’s adventures with his two hounds hunting in the woods of the Ozark Mountains.

Reading: (A-19) In Reading class we continue to plan activities and lessons that build vocabulary, an essential requirement in developing reading comprehension and enjoyment. Through the use of our eReader application, LightSail, students are able to self-select books from a growing list. Dystopian novels, not surprisingly, appear to be the most popular.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) We have begun our study of rocks and minerals this past week.  Students have examined mineral samples and sorted them by the properties of color, luster, streak, and hardness.  We will examine the rock cycle next week by playing the “ride the rock cycle” game.  Students will create a comic strip based on their game.  We will then examine the three types of rocks through a series of hands on activities.  I am planning a rocks and minerals quiz on March 31st.  A study guide will be sent home with students later next week.

Reading: (D-101) We continue to make good progress through our second lightsail title, Treasure Island.  With each new chapter students work through a series of comprehension and review questions.  Students will also work on a word root activity next week with our reading specialist.


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20 03 2015
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