6A Newsletter 3/4/2016


March 4,  2016

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) We have finished learning about Europe and are now studying Russia.  Following this we will learn about North Africa and the Middle East.  With Russia, we do a lot with the land, climate and natural resources.  Students also learn how these three factors have shaped Russian history and continue to impact current events.  We don’t get too deeply into Russian history but do briefly discuss the age of the czars, the Russian Revolution and the Cold War.  There will be a quiz next week. In addition to Europe and Russia, we have been discussing the primaries in class and will continue to discuss them, and the upcoming election, throughout the year.

Reading: (A-17) We finished our novel and students are now reading graphic novels based on Classics such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dracula, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and selected works by Edgar Allan Poe. We have been working with the reading specialist Mrs. Gover and with each day’s reading, students are focusing on certain themes and having in-depth discussions in small group settings based on their novel.

MATH: (Mr. Fryman  A-18) We are currently in the middle of Chapter 5 covering Fraction Operations. Students were reviewing their skills on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions earlier this week, and we have now started learning how to divide fractions. There will be either a test on Wednesday, March 9th over the four basic operations with fractions (and mixed numbers). We will also be completing a short unit where we investigate the stock market and follow a few specific companies, showing their growth or decline through the use of fractions.

Reading: (A-18) We are currently in the middle of our short book unit focusing on the theme of food. Students are reading texts related to organic products, chocolate, food invaders (insects), and more! We’re having some great discussions and getting hungry yet grossed out all at the same time!

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt  A-19) The progress report includes the Gaston essay, HW/Classwork, as well as the Ch. 1-5 Reading Comprehension Test. Remember that Where the Red Fern Grows is a major focus right now, so you should see your child reading. For the next set of Chapters 6-10, we will focus on the Keys to Literacy skill of Summarizing. In addition, I am reminding students to stay organized in their Google Docs. It makes sense to have any Ch. 6-11 summaries together in ONE document. This way your child will be more organized to prepare for the future test, Ch. 6-11. (It is much easier to scroll through studying ONE document than many!) Finally, remember that for any test/quiz your child can make Study Evidence for Bonus Points. This encourages good study habits of making Kahoots, flashcards, etc. If you see a star in the upper right hand corner of any test, then you know your child created it.

I am excited to have a mock court case of the debate of whether or not Billy should move to town. Students learn that a court cause is structured very similar to a persuasive essay, with supporting evidence.

Reading: (A-19) Students continue to read Holes and work on thier think notes in Light Sail.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101): This week students have finished their earthquake resistant house project.  We have worked together to analyze the movement of their house during testing, and applied our research of real building techniques to our designs.  Videos of the testing can be found on google classroom.  We are now starting to learn about volcanoes.  We will study how volcanoes form, and how the composition of lava determines the type of volcanic eruption.  Next week students will perform an experiment to understand how viscosity of fluids determine their movement.

Reading: (D-101) We have been busy this week filming our Peter Nimble reader’s theater stories.  We have been using the green screen in our media center to add realistic backgrounds.  Thank you Mr. Carroll for all of your help!  We will continue to film and work on our productions next week.  I will be sure to post the finished products on google classroom.


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