6A Newsletter 4/15/2016


April 15,  2016

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) This week we finished up the Middle East and will begin learning about the rest of Asia after the break.  There was a test on the MIddle East on Thursday, and grades are posted in Aspen. Throughout the week, both in class and at home, students were working on their essay rough drafts.  Within the essay, students examined the development of a country in the Middle East and looked at factors affecting it. They then wrote a 3 paragraph essay describing how each factor affected their country.  After vacation students will work on peer-editing and then submit their final drafts by Wednesday, April 27.

Reading: (A-17) In reading, we have been reading and discussing Among the Hidden. Students have been working on developing their vocabulary by examining common root words. We have also been working on finding text evidence to support our writing.

MATH: (Mr. Fryman  A-18) We have been spending our time making sure we are preparing for the Math PARCC, which will take place on May 3, 4, and 5th. In terms of the math book, we are finishing up with Chapter 7. We will be starting Chapter 8, which deals with ratios and proportions, unit rates, and more practice with percents. We also will start on Chapter 10 and begin the Geometry portion of the curriculum. Please make sure that the students complete the review questions that will come home for homework assignments.

Reading: (A-18) We are continuing to read Year of Impossible Goodbyes and have been focusing on characters within Sookan’s family and the impact the war has on each. Also, we’ve be learning new vocabulary, both in English and Korean.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt  A-19) Students submitted a Character Analysis Essay before, which will be graded. We did some preparation for PARCC. Please remember to have your child get a good night’s sleep and to eat breakfast the days of the exams (after vacation). We are hoping that everyone submits earbuds to the HR teacher in a Ziplock with name and HR before vacation. Poetry is our next major unit of study. Students are reading and taking notes independently on Biographies, and the project will be completed in computers with Mrs. O’Leary.  

Reading: (A-19) We did some PARCC practice reading Non-Fiction. Students are working hard to complete Holes as we approach vacation. We will watch the movie, and then start a new novel.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) This past week has been very busy with labs demonstrating chemical and mechanical weathering, and erosion of beach sand.  We will continue our study of erosion when we return from vacation as we learn about efforts worldwide to prevent sea level rise from damaging delicate ecosystems.

Reading: (D-101) :  We continue to read White Fang using our LightSail program.  We have begun reading part 2, in which the perspective changes from the men to the wolf pack.  We continue to review vocabulary and main idea during our reading.


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