6A Newsletter 5/6/2016


May 6, 2016

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) Students are currently learning about South Asia. With this region of the world, we focus primarily on the geography and culture of the region. In addition, students will learn about the economies of the countries and also certain key historical events, including the struggle for independence from the British and the creation of the modern nations of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In class, students recently worked on a project for Open House, which is next Wednesday. With this, students worked in groups to create a poster celebrating diversity.  Following South Asia, we will learn about East Asia, Southeast Asia, then move on to sub-Saharan Africa.

Reading: (A-17) In Reading, students continue to read Among the Hidden. We have been doing a lot with examining root words to help develop vocabulary.  We have also been working on citing text evidence through answering directed reading questions.

MATH: (Mr. Fryman  A-18) This past week students completed the Math portion of the PARCC state exams. Students did a GREAT job as I saw evidence of students coming prepared, working hard, and giving their best efforts. Next up in math is finishing a project students actually started back in February: the Stock Market Project. Data was gathered over the course of a few weeks, and now we get to review, analyze, and display the information from the work done months ago. Students will be completing their projects to have on display at next week’s Open House, so I hope to see many of you there to support the wonderful work the students have been doing over the course of the year.

Reading: (A-18) Due to the scheduling changes with the PARCC tests and Mrs. Gover doing some exciting work in our classes as of late, we have not made much progress with our book Year of Impossible Goodbyes. We still have a good portion of the book remaining and quite a few interesting plot developments that will lead to great discussions in class.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt  A-19) I am excited to see everyone next week for the Spring Open House. On display we will have our “I am Diverse” poems as the main focus. We are currently working on our Poetry Unit. Together we analyze poetry from the Great Books as well as the Literature book. Classic poets such as E.E Cummings, Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou are among the authors. Inspired by these poets, we will write some of our own poems. Expect a test on poetry glossary terms as well.

Reading: (A-19) To close our last novel, we watched the movie and discussed similarities and differences. Independently students will explore some non-fiction topic on LightSail, as well as partake in Reader’s Theatre for the remaining reading blocks this year.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) I am looking forward to seeing everyone at open house next week.  I’m sure your children will be excited to show off some of the projects and experiments we have been working on this year.  This week students are working in their new lab groups on a project exploring environmental problems around the world.  Next week we will be working through a series of experiments involving soil. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and your children can bring in some dry soil samples from home!

Reading: (D-101) : We have just completed part 2 of White Fang.  We have also worked on expanding our vocabulary using some common word roots.  Next week we will have our first reading class spelling bee!


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