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February 9, 2018

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Eagar A-17) We recently wrapped up Western Europe with a quick quiz.  The European Travel projects are coming in and looking amazing. I am so proud of the effort that the students have put into their projects. We will be taking a tour of Northern Europe, visiting Norway, Sweden and Finland.  

Reading: (A-17)We will be finishing Holes  by Louis Sachar very soon. We are all looking forward to watching the rest of the motion picture and analyzing the differences between the novel and the movie.

MATH: (Mr. Fryman  A-18) This past week, students worked hard on their Sundae Projects and did a great job! Students created their own ice cream sundae then calculated costs and fraction, decimal and percentage conversions throughout the process. Be sure to check out your son/daughter’s work! Next week we will wrap up Chapter 5 with a quiz on fractions, decimals and percent conversions, as well as real-world percentage calculations.

Reading: (A-18) We continue to read The Dead Man Story and the students are really enjoying the book! We are nearing the climactic point in the story line and students are finding out if their earlier predictions are coming true. Character development, vocabulary, and plot line analysis continue to be main focus areas.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt  A-19) The students are doing very well reading our new novel, Home of the Brave. Kek’s experience coming to America is very humbling. The students realize all of the school supplies and free education that we take for granted daily. In Kek’s school in Sudan, some days his teacher only had one piece of chalk, and one book. Other days school was not in session due to the men raiding villages with guns. Look at the wealth of knowledge we have at our fingertips in Burlington, shiny new desks, endless Expos markers, a library stocked while shelves of books, 1:1 iPads, and a water fountain in every hallway. The sixth graders are getting a more global view of problems developing countries face every day. Imagine walking 6 hours to get clean water. For Part 2 the focus is on higher level thinking- generating questions. We discuss potential answers in groups. There are a total of 4 Parts to the novel. Expect a test or longer writing assignment at the end of each section.

Reading: (A-19) We continue to read Holes on LightSail, answering questions related to the book. Remember students have access to many free titles through this app., and can do independent reading at home.  

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea  D-101)  We are continuing our study of volcanoes through the vacation week.  Students have created volcano models and will perform a lava viscosity experiment on Monday. Next week we will create three dimensional models of actual volcanoes.  When we return from vacation we will begin our study of rocks and minerals.

Reading: (D-101)  Students are enjoying our newest novel, The Dead Man Story.  We have been reviewing vocabulary with some very spirited Latin and Greek word root competitions!


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