6A Newsletters 11/14/2014


 November 14, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) Students took a test on Chapter 3 today and we will now learn about the countries of the world, beginning with the continent of South America. We start by learning about the physical geography of South America, including country locations and major physical features.  We will then start learning about the individual countries, focusing primarily on the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.  In addition to the major physical features and economies of the countries, we will also learn about the culture and, in some cases, important historical events.  We will continue to study South America for the next several weeks and after South America we will move on to Europe.

Reading: (A-17) In addition to reading in class, students have been working on reading comprehension, creative writing and vocabulary.  We recently created a Haiku Deck based on the vocabulary for the novel.   We will finish the novel shortly and begin with the new novel, The City of Ember.


MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18) Students continue to work on chapter three in the textbook which involves data analysis and graphing.  We have learned how to make single and double bar graphs, line graphs, calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of a data set, and create and answer statistical questions about these graphs.  Next week, students will learn about dot plots, histograms, and Venn Diagrams as other data analysis tools.  Students will have a graphing JogNog assignment next week as well as some blog assignments analyzing graphs.  Students that have not finished the xtra math program need to be logging in a minimum of twice a week.

Reading: (A-18)  Students have begun reading the sequel to Freak the Mighty, Max the Mighty.  We will begin working on new vocabulary words and making predictions about our next novel.


LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19)  This week students will complete the final draft of their persuasive essay. The past two weeks we have very methodically focused on each step of the writing process with a particular emphasis on editing and revising. The goal is to produce a piece of writing that students are proud of and is a truer reflection of their abilities as writers; good writing does not end with the first draft. Next week we will resume reading short stories from our anthology textbook. First one up is The Enchanted Raisin, a story about three incorrigible boys whose bad behavior leads to the shrinking of their mother. Information about our next book report (nonfiction) will come home with students on Friday.

Reading: (A-19)  While some students are still reading Kimchi and Calamari, others have begun reading a self-selected book using LightSail, the eReader we are piloting. Once everyone has completed Kimchi and Calamari, students will choose from one of several choices, and will read together within a small group, sharing thoughts and ideas about the book.


SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) We are learning how heat moves through our atmosphere.  We are learning about the three methods of heat transfer, radiation, conduction, and convection.  We will be doing a series of hands-on activities to explore each method.  I am planning a quiz on heat transfer and layers of the atmosphere next Wednesday.  I will give students a study guide on Friday, and the guide will also be posted on google classroom.

Reading: (D-101) We have just finished watching the Disney adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”.  Student will now be broken into smaller interest groups as we begin our next novel using the LightSail app.


HEALTH: Ms. Eovine –  Students will be continuing the second step program.  They will be learning about positive communications skills and role-playing to practice these skills.  Students will be having a quiz  on “I” Messages and Active Listening skills the second class  meeting the week of November 17th.  Some classes are behind because of veterans day and teachers conferences so please have them check their agenda books for their classes test date.


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