6B Newsletter 10/30/2015


October 30, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) We have read two fairy tales this past week, Dragon,Dragon and The Enchanted Raisin, both of which include surprisingly modern twists. Students are identifying traditional fairy tale elements and how they have been given a modern twist in each story. Students are also learning about various story structures: cause & effect and problem & solution. Next week students will spend two class days putting together a graphic novel that will summarize important story elements of the science fiction book they read. Following this, students will be given a creative writing assignment; they can write their own fairy tale, folktale, or short story. Their stories will include many of the elements we have been learning in class.

Reading: (A-2) We are approaching the latter part of our novel, Holes. Students have been learning new vocabulary, practicing fluency skills through Reader’s Theatre activities, and answering comprehension questions along the way.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)We will be spending the next two weeks on Chapter 3 in the textbook, which deals with all aspects of graphing and data analysis. We will be starting with measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode, and range) and using real-world data. Students will be learning a variety of ways to display the same data and learn when to use particular types. Once students have been exposed to many different types of data displays, they will be doing a Survey Project where they will ask 50 different people a questions (25 male and 25 female). After they have gathered their data, they will create different graphs. Students will be given some time in class to work on this, but there will be some parts they need to do at home.

Reading: (A-3)Students are still reading The Uglies as well as a supplementary text. We have had some really interesting conversations about a dystopian society. We will continue to use LightSail to read the text electronically and students will answer comprehension questions and think notes.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)We have just begun our mini unit on culture, focusing on the 8 traits and what they all entail.  We will take a further look at some of the traits, including government and economy to learn more about them, including new vocabulary words like supply, demand, inflation and monarchy.  From culture, we will go right into our last mini unit of map skills, which is the concept of population. Students will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a growing, shrinking or stable population, as well as what factors go into population change.

Reading: (A-4)We are over halfway done with Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen, and we have had some fantastic discussions about the American Revolution and the plot of the novel. This week and next we will focus on inferencing using specific quotes from the novel.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  We had our last quiz for this term. Students  conducted experiments showing conduction and convection in a controlled setting. This was a great way to observe these two science phenomenons. Next week students will be learning about the layers of the earth and also the heat transfer that occurs within the earth. Students have access to jognog a learning app where they can review unit terms and current concepts. We will be engineering again in the month of November.This project will overlap in the areas of math and ELA.

Reading, (D102)  Most readers are halfway through the book Hoot. Mrs Gover continues to help us with vocabulary lessons and how to increase reading fluency and comprehension.  We will be discussing owls sometime within the next month.

HEALTH: (Ms. Eovine) – Students will be continuing the Second Step Program.  The focus will be on types of conflicts and how to avoid or deescalate them.  There will also be a lesson on Empathy and sympathy the first week.  A quiz will be given the second class meeting of the week.  A study guide has been posted on google classroom.   Week two students will learn how to use “I” Messages and be involved in role-plays to practice and become comfortable using them.  


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