6B Newsletter 11/25/2015


November 25, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) We have begun learning the elements of writing a 5-paragraph essay. Students will use a graphic organizer that will walk them through sentence-by-sentence how to organize essay elements into a cohesive piece of writing. The focus question, why does the girl squash the bug?, comes from the story, Gaston, which we just finished reading and discussing in class. Most of the writing will be done in class, but some of it will be done at home using Google Classroom.

Reading: (A-2) Students have chosen their next book from a list of dystopian novels: Among the Hidden, City of Ember, Uglies, The Time Machine, and The Maze Runner. Students will read about characters very similar to themselves who struggle to survive in societies where things have gone horribly wrong.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Over the next couple of weeks, we will be working on Chapter 4 in the textbook. In this chapter, students will be learning about prime and composite numbers, prime factorization, GCF (Greatest Common Factor), LCM (Least Common Multiple), Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions, and Fraction to Decimal Conversions. This chapter takes several weeks to complete because it contains both important and more difficult topics. However, I will be creating many opportunities for the students to see how the topics presented in the chapter relate to real-world situations and even how they are useful in other subjects.

Reading: (A-3)We are finishing up Uglies and students will be choosing topics in order to create a 5 paragraph essay. I will go through the process in a step-by-step way and students will brainstorm possible thesis statements.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)Our unit on South America has begun!  Students should know have a firm foundational knowledge about South America, including many of the countries’ names and locations, as well as some capital cities and physical features. Students also have been drawing conclusions about population and climate, using their previously learned knowledge from Unit 1.  After the Thanksgiving break, we will begin to focus on specific countries, starting with Brazil. Students will practice their top down webs and 2 column notes, as well as applying the 5 Themes of Geography and 8 Traits of Culture to Brazil, then Argentina.

Reading: (A-4)Students are done with Woods Runner and have been working on a culminating assignment-reenacting a scene from the novel and using the library’s green screen!  After Thanksgiving, students will be reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)    This week we engineered pasta cars in our interdisciplinary project. Team B teachers took the approach that this cross curriculum project  would be a great 3 day project before the Thanksgiving break. Upon returning  next week we will begin a creative writing story titled Journey to the Center of the Earth. Students will be using their knowledge of the earth’s layers to write and publish this story.

Reading, (D102)  We are in the final week of Hoot . The students have been working on building character trait descriptions . This skill is important in helping students in their written comprehension response.

HEALTH: (Ms. Eovine) Students will be Talking about anger.  They will learn what triggers their emotion of anger and cooling off techniques.  


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