6B Newsletter 12/23/2014


December 23, 2014

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt A-2) Students got back the Nouns Tests. Over vacation students may look at the ELA midyear study guide. I handed out paper copies, and it is posted in Google Classroom. We have plenty of time to review. I know if they pay attention, they will do well. Have a wonderful and restful holiday break! Students all got HW passes/points from the 6B teachers. They are our gift for their hard work. Just make sure to check with teacher before using it, to make sure it is a pre-approved assignment.

Reading: (A-2)  We will begin reading Flipped after vacation. Students did well on our Jeopardy and board games concluding our study of Al Capone Does My Shirts.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3) Students are continuing to work on Chapter 4 in the textbook . However, we are also starting to study for the Mathematics Midterm that will take place on Thursday, January 8th in the morning. Students have been given a review sheet so they can look it over during the winter break. We also started doing some review in class today so they will be fully prepared. In addition, they will complete a number of study questions on Monday-Wednesday of the week we return from break.

Reading: (A-3)Students are continuing to read their second Lightsail novel, and we are focusing our reading each class with a ” thinking note.”

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) We are currently working on Europe unit. When we return from break, we will begin Western Europe, first starting with the British Isles and the United Kingdom. One of our major focuses will be on the different kingdoms within the UK, and what  the differences  are between the UK, Great Britain and England. We will also examine some of the history behind the UK and Ireland, as well as how physical features and location have impacted climate and economy.

Reading: (A-4) An executive decision has been made to switch novels, so we are instead read Escape from Warsaw by Ian Serraillier. This novel takes place in the middle of World War II, and tells the story of a family driven apart by the war in Warsaw, and their struggle to find each other again. It is especially relevant as it ties in with our geography unit on Europe.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Rafferty D102)Our current unit addresses the spheres and layers of the Earth. For spheres, we have discussed the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and for layers we have looked at  facts about the crust, mantle, and cores (inner and outer). Students recently worked on a journal activity that includes important data about the Earth’s layers and spheres.

After our Mid-Winter vacation, students will be preparing for their midterms. The science midterm is scheduled for Friday, January 9. Students will receive a science midterm review outline before vacation.

Reading, (D102)We have started our next novel, The River, by Gary Paulsen. This story is a follow-up to the novel The Hatchet, which many students read in elementary school. The main character, Brian Robeson, has volunteered to work with the government and return to the wilderness. The plan is for Brian to share his survival techniques, which can then be shared with astronauts and military personnel.

Mrs. Gover has recently completed activities with the students to help them better understand the differences between a character’s physical traits like hair color or height, and character traits, like curious, fierce, serious.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine: Students will be starting the substance abuse unit.  The focus will be on learning about the different drug categories and the social, emotional, and physical side effects they have on the body.  We will also be discussing the difference between “Drug use”, “Drug abuse”, and “Drug misuse”.


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23 12 2014
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