6B Newsletter 1/29/2016


January 29, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) We have begun a new unit, Where the Red Fern Grows, the novel we read in sixth grade. It’s a story about a young boy, Billy Colman, and his adventures growing up during the Great Depression in the Ozark Mountains. Students will mostly read each chapter independently in class (finishing at home if necessary), but we will also utilize teacher-model and partner reads as well. A purpose for reading and focus question for each chapter are posted on Google Classroom as homework; these are designed to develop a deeper understanding of the novel using critical thinking skills.  

Reading: (A-2) Students continue to make progress with their dystopian novels. Pre-read activities focus on learning new vocabulary or reading strategies such as identifying the main idea and summarizing. Each class includes a discussion question that enhances understanding of literary elements including, the author’s purpose, character development, use of figurative language, story structure, or any number of other literary elements.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Students just finished up the majority of Chapter 4 and took a 100 point test on the material. We are going to be spending the next few weeks delving more into fractions by including fraction, decimal, percent conversions and how these can be displayed on a number line. Following this section, we will move onto Chapter 5 in the textbook, which deals with fraction operations. In addition to proper fractions, we will also use improper fractions and mixed numbers. Students have been using JogNog to see some examples that may appear on a standardized test and we will also be focusing on how fractions can be useful in everyday life.

Reading: (A-3)Students have been working on writing 5-paragraph essays about a novel of their choice and why it is an example of a dystopian society. We have researched examples of what makes a dystopian society and looked at how it is found in some of the different novels the students have read. Before writing, students created thesis statements and filled in graphic organizers.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)Students in A4 Geography have completed their studies of Western Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia, and are working on Mediterranean and Iberian Europe.  We are looking at how location and climate have influenced the cultures and economies of these regions, and comparing and contrasting them to each other.  Our final regions of Europe will concentrate on the causes and after effects of the Cold War and how nations are still working towards recovery and independence. Students have also been assigned a project which is due February 10th, and should be working on that. If students are planning on using the green screen after school, they need to please let me know so it can be reserved.  

Reading: (A-4) A4 reading is continuing to have a marvelous time with the Mysterious Benedict Society.  Students are reading at their own pace using the LightSail app and are working on comprehension and vocabulary. We also have discussed how character names can help create a personality for a character, and have linked examples of other famous characters as evidence of this.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  Students will be learning about the faults and folds in the earth’s crust.This will lead into the three different types of faults inside the earth when stress happens.  There will be a quiz on this information along with the layers of the earth, plate tectonics , seafloor-spreading and continental drift next Wednesday. Students will need recyclable materials from home to begin our next engineering project , earthquake resistant houses. A notice will be forthcoming about this project.

Reading, (D102)   We are reading  The River and the students are using comparing and contrasting skills for this . We will begin using the computer lab to help get the students ready for the i-ready testing within the next couple of weeks. Please encourage your child to enjoy reading for pleasure.


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