6B Newsletter 2/12/2015


February 12, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) Students continue to make progress with the novel Where the Red Fern Grows. Each class includes a class discussion of the previous night’s homework, a journal prompt that relates to the topic of the next chapter and connects to the lives of students, a review of the purpose for reading, and then reading the next chapter. In some cases, students may need to finish reading at home and then answer two questions (purpose for reading question & focus question) that are posted daily on Google Classroom. Next week students will begin outlining a 5-paragraph essay that identifies important traits that the main character possesses.

Reading: (A-2) We are nearing the conclusion of our dystopian unit; most students are close to finishing their novel – some a second novel! Our next unit of focus will be books that feature differently-abled characters, such as, The London Eye Mystery, Wonder, The Paper Boy, and Peter Nimble. These wonderful stories provide insights into the challenges that some others face.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)We are still working hard on our Fraction Unit and students have just taken a quiz on Fraction, Decimal, Percent conversions. We are a little behind in fraction operations, so we will be starting that after vacation. Once the students return from February break, we will be starting on our Stock Market Project. Students will work in groups to compare two similar companies and track their shares for a little over a month. Once we get all of the information, students will create double line graphs and even figure out how much money they would receive if they had started with $10,000!

Reading: (A-3)Ask your students about the secret book we are reading! We are also finishing up our five-paragraph essays.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)  After break, we will conclude our unit on Europe. Students just took a quiz on Northern and Southern Europe, and we will do a brief study of Eastern Europe and how it has changed in the past century. Following this, we will study Russia, which is our shortest unit of the year. Students recently turned in 2 projects-both of these will be graded within the next 2 weeks.  Also after break, students will begin something called “Around the world in 80 days.”  Each week, every student will take a map quiz.  If they receive a 100% on the quiz, they will advance to the next quiz in the sequence. If not, the quiz is repeated until a 100% is achieved.  The goal is for students to go around the world by naming and locating all countries.  It’s a fun and exciting activity!

Reading: (A-4) We are still reading the Mysterious Benedict Society.  Students have also completed the i-ready test with Mrs. Gover.  When not testing, we have been discussing vocabulary, character names and personalities, and point of view.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  Coming up in science after the break , we will be working on the engineering piece of our earthquake unit. The students will be constructing homes that can withstand the three types of seismic waves we have been learning about: primary, secondary and surface waves. They will be using their knowledge of these waves to help them keep an egg stabilized inside a home that they will be constructing in teams. There is a posting on classroom with suggested supplies students will need to bring in to help with this construction.

Reading, (D102)   We are in the heart of the story of The River.  Students are currently working on character traits and how they help readers come to understand the actions and decisions characters make throughout the story.  We have recently completed the i-ready testing. Mrs. Gover continues to support us once a week in word work and comprehension skills.



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